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August 12, 2011
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bioluminescence- by XRobinGoodFellowX bioluminescence- by XRobinGoodFellowX
mi entry ! here the line!! [link]
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The mech looks so damn confused for some reason. Like it didn't expect to find a luminescent jelly-fish here, and now has no idea of what to do. XD I love it.
hehehhe you match:) i really like the jelly fish!:)
ZixaxiZ Sep 1, 2011  Student
Thats a big Jelly fish. I like the wa you drew/painted this. that mech is quite large and if I look at it from a different angle its like this is a painting of two different creatures meeting for the first time (it looks like that mech is smiling lol). The other thing is that your style really suits this image, your 'scratchy' style is great here because it gives the background am old worn look that places the event here in a time frame, when that is I dont know, but after something interesting no doubt.
what I like most about this image is the calm and weightless look of this image, i only now realised that this takes place under water, and that gives the image also a quiet feel. its like nothing can go wrong in that one moment, that one snapshot. I also like the bits of blue on the top of the mech, that tells me that theres either something above them, or that the suns out, that detail also puts the image in a more definite time.
the other thing is the jelly fish, it looks like the jelly fish is actually looking at that mech, wondering "what on the ocean floor are you?"

Another great painting, thanks for posting.
thanks a lot for your kinda word my friend, yea expecially for the steampunk setting i like rapresent a quiet situation something like search and discovery, for this illustration I had imagined a sort of study recognition of the seabed :)
ZixaxiZ Sep 6, 2011  Student
Ohh I see, well it payed off. You have great skill, I saw almost instantly what you were trying to bring across with the image.

I wait eagerly for the next painting.
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